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  1. Hello, I know you have a book coming out about CPAP for UARS, which is what I think I have had most of my life. I have had severe insomnia all my life. Also, I had severe LPRD, only at night when I sleep deeply. So a year ago, I started CPAP. Full face masks simply do not fit my face, too loose for my very narrow jaw, if I sleep deeply, they come off or leak massively. But I have been using nasal pillow masks for a year. CPAP has helped my LPRD, but only when I do not sleep too deeply. During times when my insomnia is better and I get enough sleep, I still choke on the stomach juices, even though there is no food in my stomach. I taught myself to keep my mouth closed while sleeping, but cannot form a complete seal with my tongue in the correct position because of a hole formed on the lower left side of my mouth because of 2 missing molars. I cannot get implants because of my jaw problems, not enough bone. I am a mess from medical mistakes. It started when I had orthodontics as a child to correct a large overbite. The dentist pulled out 6 of my teeth, so my mouth developed very small. At about 50, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia and given Fosamax. After 6 years, I had osteoporosis. It was discovered much later that I had a parathyroid adenoma and had it removed. My mildly high calcium flagged this condition for many years, but doctors refused to admit it. It was only when I wrote to Dr. Norman in Tampa that something was done about it. He said I never should have been put on Fosamax. In the meantime, Fosamax massively damaged my jaw. I had it wired for months. My husband is a doctor and he does not know what to make of all this.

    I have had the help of a great forum, CPAP, to make my therapy a success. However, it is just not helping completely. I still cannot sleep really deeply without getting LPR episodes. I can’t raise the pressure too much on my APAP machine because of mask leaks. I cannot use chin straps or soft cervical collars because I get pain in my jaw.

    Do you think your new book can help me?


  2. Ms. Fister,

    Sorry to hear.

    My book is for people who are struggling with CPAP in general, and will be able to help most people but not all. If all else fails, then you have to consider other options. I describe these other options briefly but I have more in-depth explanations in my other articles and podcasts. Ultimately, I can’t give you specific advice without examining you in person.