Podcast #21: How Mouth Breathing Can Ruin Your Sleep

In this episode, Kathy and I will reveal 7 ways that mouth breathing can cause sleep and health problems.  Download mp3 file | Subscribe  Show notes: Unstuff Your Stuffy Nose ebook Interview with Dr. Michael Mew on Breathing and the Modern Melting Face Interview with Patrick McKeown on Buteyko Breathing Shut Your Mouth to Save Your […]

Ask Dr. Park: Over-The-Counter Snoring & Sleep Apnea Options: Do They Work?

In this Ask Dr. Park teleseminar I reveal which of the following over-the-counter devices and programs for snoring and sleep apnea really work: – Didgeridoo – Tongue exercises – Chin straps – Boil-and-Bite anti-snore mouth guards – Tongue retaining devices – Sleep positioners – Breathe Rite strips – And many others… Price: $17. Click here […]

Ask Dr. Park: Holistic Sleep Apnea Surgery

In this Ask Dr. Park teleseminar program, I’m going to reveal what it takes to undergo success sleep apnea surgery. Find out: • What must be done before any surgery • How to find the right surgeon • The key to surgical success • The truth about the UPPP procedure • When you should never […]

Expert Interview: Dr. Barry Krakow on Complex Insomnia, UARS, & PTSD

For this Expert Interview, I’m honored to have Dr. Barry Krakow as my guest. Dr. Krakow is a world-renown sleep researcher, and author of numerous books, including Sound Sleep, Sound Mind, and Insomnia Cures. We’re going to have a fascinating discussion about: – complex insomnia (insomnia and sleep apnea) – upper airway resistance syndrome – […]