Ask Dr. Park: Sleep Meeting 2010 Update

Sleep Meeting 2010 Update Register below to get the replay of this FREE teleseminar about the latest in innovations and news from the SLEEP 2010 meeting in San Antonio, where all the top sleep researchers gather for their annual convention. It's my roundup of the latest in sleep apnea treatments as well as to answer your specific questions […]

Tongue Exercises For Sleep Apnea: Expert Interview With Janet Bennett

Tongue exercises can be a noninvasive way of promoting muscle tone in the throat, which can be helpful for some people with snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. Listen to this interview with Ms. Janet Bennett, speech pathologist and creator of the I Just Want To Sleep website, about her unique tongue exercise program. Learn:  What tongue exercises can […]

Discover The Secret To Better Health & Better Sleep

Learn the secrets of proper breathing for better health and better sleep… Get your FREE access to this interview with Ms. Deborah Quilter, a master yoga teacher, personal trainer, and Feldenkrais practitioner, on the importance of proper breathing in yoga as well as life in general. Learn: How to improve your breathing during the day […]