7 Sleep Apnea Surgery Myths On The Internet, Debunked

#1: Turbinate Surgery Causes Empty Nose Syndrome


There are a number of commonly held myths and misconceptions about sleep apnea surgery by the general public. Almost every day, I see evidence of this on the internet, and it seems like this phenomenon is only increasing. As you may be aware, wrong information can multiple virally on the internet, and since errors can’t […]

7 Unusual Signs & Symptoms of Sleep Apnea [Podcast 31]

When You're Not A MOOSE

Fat man with no shirt and his belly hanging over his pants.

If you don’t fit the typical profile of someone with obstructive sleep apnea (MOOSE: male, older, overweight,  snoring, excessive sleepiness), most doctors won’t ever think that you may have obstructive sleep apnea. I see dozens of of patients every month who are told they don’t have sleep apnea but were found to have moderate to […]

Totally CPAP Book Cover Design Winner


I’d like to thank everyone for voting for your favorite Totally CPAP book cover. By a wide margin, we have a clear winner. Here’s the preliminary mock-up of the book’s front cover. I’m furiously working on the final production steps. Hopefully, it will launch early next year.  

Vote for Your Favorite Book Cover for Totally CPAP

Diverse Hands Holding the Word Vote

I’ve been working furiously to publish my book on CPAP. What started out as a simple e-book ended up becoming a full-fledged book, with multiple revisions, delays, and more revisions. The basic manuscript is finished. Now comes the book’s cover. I’ve whittled it down to three great designers and their proposals. Please click here to […]