5 Deviated Septum Myths, Debunked

One of the most commonly misunderstood topics with the lay public and even the medical community is the deviated nasal septum. Quite often, I hear patients tell me, “my deviated septum is causing my sinus headaches,” or “I have a deviated septum from a baseball accident.” While both these statements are not completely false, they both imply that having […]

CPAP Babes: Interview With Stacy Erickson [Podcast 38]

In this episode I have a discussion with Ms. Stacy Erickson, who is the creator of CPAPBabes.com. We cover the following questions: How did you comes up with the idea for CPAPBabes? What were some memorable submissions? What are the most common challenges that people have with CPAP that you hear about? What do you recommend as […]

7 Habits of Highly Successful CPAP Users [Podcast 37]

I’ve seen thousands of patients that succeed with CPAP, and thousands more that don’t. What I’ve noticed is that people who are able to get a great night’s sleep with CPAP have certain common characteristics or habits that they all have in common. Please join Kathy and me in this important, potentially life-saving discussion. Download […]