Why You Keep Waking Up At Night

Dr. Barry Krakow's TEDx Talk on Complex Insomnia

My friend and colleague Dr. Barry Krakow just gave an eye-opening TEDx talk recently. He talks about complex insomnia, which is commonly seen in men and women who keep waking up in the middle of the night. Dr. Krakow explains why this happens and why you have to go to the bathroom when you do […]

Why Better Breathing Doesn’t Always Lead to Better Health [Podcast 44]

In this episode, Kathy and I will reveal “Why Better Breathing Doesn’t Always Lead to Better Health.” Download mp3 |  Subscribe Here are 7 of these reasons below. Please listen to the recording to find out more. 1. You can’t control your breathing when you’re sleeping 2. You don’t know you’re not breathing well 3. You […]

Airway Inflammation and the 7 Stealthy Sleep Smashers

My family and I recently suffered a miserable cold that would not go away for over 2 weeks. It started off with a stuffy nose, which then developed into a prolonged chronic cough. Thankfully, everyone is now fine, except for a few lingering symptoms. During the peak of my cold, I had trouble sleeping because […]

The Oxygen Myth: What Doctors May Not Know About Breathing

One of my biggest frustrations while performing surgery is having to work with certain anesthesia staff that don’t realize that the patient is not breathing. The problem is that they are focused too much on their instruments, not realizing what’s really happening until things start to go wrong.    During sleep, your muscles are relatively […]

7 Surprising Health Conditions That Can Be from Poor Breathing at Night [Podcast 43]

In this podcast episode, Kathy and I discuss 7 health conditions that you may not think about that could be a sign of a sleep-breathing disorder. 1. Nighttime urination 2. Atrial Fibrillation 3. Panic attacks at night 4. Seizures 5. GI problems 6. Skin problems 7. Infertility  Bonus: Cancer Download mp3   Show Notes Dr. Josh Ax: Eat Dirt: Why Leaky […]