How Erectile Dysfunction Can Cause Alzheimer’s

Not too surprisingly, focusing on lifestyle habits that control heart disease or taking medications to lower high blood pressure or cholesterol levels can also help symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED).  Dr. Stephen Kopecky, professor of medicine and cardiovascular diseases at the Mayo Clinic, and author of the paper published in Archives of Internal Medicine, quotes, “It’s […]

Ask Dr. Park: Tongue Nerve Stimulation for Sleep Apnea

This is a special edition of my Expert Interview Series, on Apnex‘s Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Therapy device. Mr. Brian Erickson from Apnex joins us to answer your questions. In this interview, we answer the following questions:     – What is the Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Therapy? – What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria? – […]

Depression Ups Your Stroke Risk

A recent study revealed that having depression was found to increase the risk of having a stroke by 45% in people who were followed from 2 to 29 years. Your risk of dying from a stroke also increases by 55%. The article talks about people with depression being more overweight. What else can being overweight […]

How Diabetes, Dementia and Sleep Apnea are Linked (or Associated)

Here’s a new study out of Japan showing that people with uncontrolled diabetes had about a 35% increased risk of developing dementia. The article talks about how diabetes can cause clogging and blocking of the arteries, leading to lack of oxygen and brain damage. But guess what else causes lack of oxygen? Obstructive sleep apnea. Hypoxia […]

Expert Interview: Psychology of Sleep Apnea

In this Expert Interview program, Ms. Lisa Brateman will talk to us about the psychology of obstructive sleep apnea. This is an important topic that affects not only those of you with sleep apnea, but also your loved ones, your friends, and family members.       Please enter your information below to receive your download […]